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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oegon Gartersnake

Beauty Of Animals | Oregon Gartersnake |  Destruction of wetland habitat has been so widespread that this species is listed as threatened by the state and federal governments. The giant garter snake populations of the San Joaquin Valley are now tiny disconnected remnants. It has been extirpated from 98% of the former San Joaquin habitat. The giant garter snake has fared better in the Sacramento Valley because rice cultivation and the associated canals have provided habitat, when rice land is fallowed, populations seem to then move away from adjacent ditches.
In addition to habitat loss and fragmentation, introduced predators like the Bullfrog may also be suppressing recovery. Attempts are underway to restore artificial wetlands to provide quality habitat for the giant garter snake, but it is too early to know if these efforts will significantly aid the recovery of this threatened species.
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