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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Beauty Of AnimalFroghoppers | Froghoppers, or Cercopoidea species, is a group of insects Hemipteran, Auchenorrhyncha in monotone. Traditionally, the majority of this species as one family, Cercopidae, but this family has been divided into three separate families for many years now for Aphrophoridae, Cercopidae and Clastopteridae. Recently, the family has been removed from Epipygidae Aphrophoridae. This is known as the best families of the nymph stage that produces frothy follow-up cover of the plant sap is like spitting, and is usually known as nymphs spittlebugs, bugs, or spit, spit and froth as the Cuckoo, and frog spit or snake spit. It is known that the family of the last in the group, Machaerotidae, as spittlebugs tube because the nymphs live in limestone tubes, and not, as is the case in the production of butter and other butter families.

The serves a number of purposes. It hides the nymph from the perspective of predators and parasites, it insulates against heat and cold, thus providing thermal control, as well as moisture control. Butter without the impurities dry quickly. Nymphs suck plant sap and cause damage to Pierce, and a lot of excess fluid that has to go into liquidation in the production of foam, which has a pungent taste, and to deter predators. A few species are serious agricultural pests.froghoppers big jump from station to station, and some species can jump to 70 cm vertically: The performance of the more impressive for the weight of the body of fleas. Frog Hopper and can accelerate in more than 4000 m/s2 2mm and also jumps (which suffer more than 400 GS acceleration). [Citation needed] Spittlebugs can jump 100 times the length.

Many kinds-like leafhoppers, but can be distinguished from the possession of small stout spines only on the rear leg, where the leafhoppers have a series of small thorns. Members of the family is very much like Machaerotidae treehoppers, due to a thoracic spine is great, but the backbone of machaerotids is to expand the scutellum, where it has treehoppers pronotum enlarged. Clastopteridae family members and their wings to modify the form of false heads at the end of the tail, which is anti-predator adaptation. Could be that many of the adults Cercopidae bleed instinct of the tarsal, and it seems that the hemolymph to be distasteful, but is often colored aposematically (see photos).

Scientific classificationKingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: ArthropodaClass: InsectaOrder: HemipteraSuborder: AuchenorrhynchaInfraorder: CicadomorphaSuperfamily: Cercopoidea

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