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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Beauty Of Animal | Cockatoo | Parrot and sulfur crested, Cacatua galerita, is a relatively large white parrot found in forested habitats in Australia and New Guinea. Can be very numerous and locally, leading them sometimes lesions that are being considered. It is well known in breeding birds, although it can be claimed pets.In Australia, can be found on the sulfur crested cockatoos on a large scale in the north and east, starting as far south as Tasmania, but avoid the interior arid with few trees. They are numerous in suburban habitats in cities such as Adelaide and Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane. With the exception of upland areas, they occur in most parts of New Guinea and neighboring small islands, such as Waigeo, Misool and Aru, and various islands in the Gulf and the Gulf of Cenderawasih Milne.

There are four breeds recognized; C g was found on the Triton (Temminck, 1849) in New Guinea and surrounding islands, C. (G) is limited elenora (Finsch, 1867) to the Aru Islands between Australia and New Guinea, C. (G) fitzroyi (Matthews, 1912) in northern Australia from Western Australia to the Gulf of Carpentaria and the nomination of the strains found from Cape York in the state of Tasmania.In Australia, sulfur crested cockatoos from the nomination race was introduced to Perth, which is now outside the normal range.

Outside Australia, that have been made to Singapore, where their numbers are estimated between 500 and 2000. As has been because they Palau and New Zealand. New Zealand has made the population less than 1000. Have been registered as such in the various islands and Alakija (such as the Kai Islands and Ambon), but it is not clear if he had managed to become there.It facility and a total length of 45-55 cm (18-22 inches), with the Australian strain is greater than strains from New Guinea and neighboring islands.

The total white feathers, while the underwing and tail tinged yellow. Summit expressive yellow. Black and gray bill, legs and eye ring is white. Males usually have almost black eyes, while females have more red or brown eye, but this needs to be seen to optimal viewing conditions. Differences between breeds and subtle. C. g fitzroyi similar to the nomination race, but lacks the yellow on the ear tufts and a little blueish skin around the eye. C, g g-like Eleonora C. fitzroyi but smaller and wider and feathers in the custom, and C (g) g Triton-like C. Eleonora but the smallest bill.It is similar in appearance to the three types of corellas exist in Australia. However, is the smallest corellas, lacking a prominent pale yellow top and her bills. In captivity, is easily confused with sulfur crested parrot, the parrot with a smaller yellow crowned parrot or blue eyes with a different form on the top and a darker blue eye ring.


Scientific classification
Kingdom:     Animalia
Phylum:     Chordata
Class:     Aves
Order:     Psittaciformes
Family:     Cacatuidae
Subfamily:     Cacatuinae
Genus:     Cacatua
Subgenus:     Cacatua
Species:     C. galerita

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