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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Beauty Of Animal | Coati | Coatis are active day and night. They spend their nights in trees, with several animals share the nest. While the male prefers to travel alone (and possibly also known as a coati mundi, or lonely Coati can be), the females tend to travel and her boys in bands 4-50 people. New born coatis are altricial, or very immature at birth. Coatis swim well and climb well.  
They use their tails to balance on branches and to slow the descent of the tree. Overall, the coatis widespread, occupying habitats ranging from hot and arid areas to humid Amazonian rainforests or even cold Andean mountain slopes, including grasslands and bushy areas. Its geographic range extends from the southwestern United States (Southern Arizona, New Mexico and Texas) through the north of Argentina.
 About 10 coatis are probably formed a breeding population in Cumbria, United Kingdom have faced bear, if a tree from a fruit that she will visit the tree again and again until they moved out. . If the demanding male ignored the signal, can cause serious injuries occur on both fights with fighters.
 Little is known about the behavior of the mountain coati is known, and the following is almost entirely about the coati Nasua genus. Unlike most members of the family of raccoons (Procyonidae), coatis are primarily diurnal. Coati females and young males up to two years old are sociable and made travel through their territories in noisy, loosely organized bands of four to 25 individuals, foraging with their offspring on the ground or in the treetops. Men more than two years become solitary due to behavioral disposition and collective aggression from the females and the female groups to join only during the breeding season. Coatis communicate their intentions or moods with chirping, snorting or grunting. 
 Different chirping sounds are used to bring joy during social grooming, appeasement after fights to express or convey irritation or anger. Snorting while digging, combined with an erect tail, states territorial or food claims during foraging. Individuals recognize other coatis by their looks, voices and smells, will intensify the individual odor of musk special glands on their necks and bellies. 

During the breeding season, an adult male is accepted into the band of women and young people near the beginning of the breeding season, what about a polygamous mating system . Females reach sexual maturity at two years, while the males acquire mature age of three years.

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