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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pocket Gopher

Beauty Of Animal | Pocket Gopher | In the pocket gophers and burrowing rodents Geomyidae family. This is the "true" gophers, though often called squirrel family Sciuridae many gophers as well. Can be used as "pocket gopher" own name to refer to what is built largely on the number of breeds of family.Gophers, and most are 12 to 30 cm (4.7 to 12 in) long, weighing several hundred grams. A few species reach weights approaching 1 kg (2.2 lb). Within any kind, and males more than females, and can double their weight. Most of the Gophers and brown fur which often closely match the color of the soil in which they live. Most of the characteristics are the large bags on the cheek, from which the word "pocket" in their name is derived. These bags are lined with fur, and can be turned inside out.

It extends from the back of the mouth is well on the shoulders. Their eyes are small and short hair of the tail, which they use to feel around tunnels when they walk backwards.All pocket gophers are burrowers. Hoarders are meat, cheek pouches used to transport food back to the burrows. The Gophers can collect large treasures. And declared unequivocally that their presence before the appearance of piles of fresh dirt about 20 cm (7.9 inches) in diameter. These piles often appear in the botanical gardens, lawns, or farms, gophers like moist soil (see biomantle soil). They also enjoy feeding on vegetables. For this reason, certain types of agricultural pests. They may also damage trees in forests. Although they will try to flee when threatened, they may attack other animals, including cats and humans, and can cause serious bites with their teeth, long sharp.

Pocket gophers are solitary outside the breeding season, and the preservation of land that strongly vary in size depending on the available resources. Males and females may be involved in some of the nesting burrows and chambers of their territory if the border each other, but in general, each pocket gopher lives of its individual tunnel.Depending on the species and local conditions, may have a specific pocket gophers annual breeding season, or it may generate many times during the year. Each litter usually consists of 2-5 young, although this may be much higher in some species. Young are born blind and helpless, and are weaned at around forty days.

Scientific classificationKingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: ChordataClass: MammaliaOrder: RodentiaSuperfamily: GeomyoideaFamily: Geomyidae

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