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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Domestic Shorthair Cat

Beauty Of Animal | Domestic Shorthair  Cat  |  Australia's most popular cat, Amongst all the many varieties of cats available as household pets, there's no doubt which one reigns supreme in the popularity department - the Domestic - also known as the moggie! This basic, no frills feline with its unsophisticated charm has been part of our lives for as far back as we can remember. Most of us grew up with a moggie, they welcomed us home from school and played with us in the backyard. Regardless of the lack of pomp and pageantry surrounding these cats there was always something reassuring about seeing them curled up contendly in front of the fireplace or sunning themselves on the front verandah.

Moggies do not conform to any standards - coming in a range of shapes and sizes,plus a riot of attractive coat colours and patterns. Interestingly, the tortoiseshell is almost invariably female, while the rare male is inevitably sterile. Red tabbies are often males, hence the title "ginger tom". "Moggies" are invariably extremely robust, hardy cats with a no-fuss, self assured nature. Most have a short easy-care coat but some have a more fluffy coat which requires grooming. The moggie's lack of aristocratic ancestry will never stop it being "top cat" in the hearts of millions of Australians.

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