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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Exotic Shorthair Cat

Beauty Of Animal | Exotic Shorthair  Cat  |  For those who adore the drop-dead good looks and movie star appeal of the Persian, but haven't the time for all that grooming, then the 'shorthaired Persian' - or Exotic Shorthair` as this breed is officially known - is just the cat for you! The same big round eyes, small ears, flat face with short snub nose, and sweet facial expression that remind us of perpetual kittenhood, are all there. As is the sturdy build, cobby body and short little legs which endow it with those cuddly teddy qualities. Along with the quiet voice, placid demeanour and gentle non-intrusive mannerisms of the Persian. Everything, in fact, except for that labour-intensive long coat.

Known to its growing band of admirers as the 'wash-and-wear Persian', the Exotic Shorthair has a luxurious low maintenance plush velvet jacket, which comes in a kaleidoscope of beautiful colours and patters. The Exotic tends to be a little more playful, active and inquisitive than the Persian. Blesses with a happy laid-back, happy-go-lucky nature and unruffled manner that takes everything in its stride, it is a practical choice of feline friend for all those with busy lifestyle. For although it cherishes close interaction with people, this undemanding no-fuss feline is also intent to enjoy its own company, or that of other household poets, when its owners are not around.

The highly adaptable Exotic Shorthair readily fits in to any situation - and is quite happy to enjoy the creature comforts of home and hearth on a full-time basis. It makes a delightful children's playmate and charming all-round family pet.

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