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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Beauty Of Animal | Wasp | Wasps are flying insect medium are found throughout the world. Hornet is known for its black and yellow, which means that some species of wasps and bees are usually confused. Wasps are found in all countries of the world, on every continent with the exception of the polar regions. There are about 75,000 species worldwide recognized wasps that grow to about 2/3 inches long.
Wasp stings are most commonly known poisonous, that if humans are stung can often swell into painful lumps that require a few days to calm down. Some people are allergic to wasp stings means wasp sting can be fatal. Not all wasps can sting though but they are often able to die after they have used their stings have it joined to the rear they often become dislodged. When the wasp dies it releases the smell (called a pheromone) that warns the other wasps of danger and in need of assistance.
Like many other species of insects, wasps are social insects and wasps are many, as many as 10,000, inhabit just one nest. Wasp queen is growing and she builds her nest of thin substance made of chewed wood and plants. Typically, bees only live for 12-22 days. Wasps are omnivorous animals and therefore eat a mixture of plants and other animals.
Such as bees, wasps prefer sweet and primarily eat plant nectar, fruit and honey. Wasps also eat insects and even large caterpillars. Although bright colors to deter predators, wasps are eaten by a number of different animals around the world, including birds, amphibians, reptiles and other mammals. Queen wasps lay their eggs in the nest which hatch in a few days.
When the wasp larvae hatch they are cared for by other wasps in the nest and begin to hunt for food to bring back to the nest. Wasps are known to travel nearly half a mile away from the nest in search of food.

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