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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Amazon Horned Frogs

Beauty Of Animal | Amazon Horned Frogs | Amazon Horned Frogs are extremely territorial and aggressive, brutal defending their personal territory, and they are nothing if not voracious in their appetite. The Amazon Horned Frog are fat little amphibians, which is about 20 cm (8 ") in length, but bold enough to cover a small plate. Some Horned Frogs were found dead with the remains of animals, it was impossible for them to still sticking out of her throat to swallow, that were folded around him, and often they try to swallow something at least as big as they are, and not to swallow in a position to release, or both sacrifice the horned frogs greed.
The female of the species is larger than the male, but the males are brighter colored a beautiful dark green to lime colored while the females are usually simple tan.Amazon Horned Frog Fast Fact - The purpose of the "horns" on the frog the head is unclear, however, it is believed to serve as camouflage. the horns do look kind of like the stems of the leaves along the forest floor.

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