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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Leopard Gecko


Beauty Of Animal | Leopard Gecko | The leopard gecko is a nocturnal ground gecko, which lives naturally found in the desert of southern Central Asia, and throughout Pakistan, and to the north-western parts of India. Unlike most of Ibn Hazm, may God have mercy on him, the son of Allah's mercy tiger packages have movable eyelids. Has become a pet well-established and popular in captivity.Leopard Ibn Hazm Allah's mercy was first described as a type of the animal world by Edward Blyth in 1854 as Eublepharis degeneration.Eublepharis generic name is a combination of Greek words of the European Union (true), whip (eyelid), eyelid and the presence of what distinguishes the members of the Ibn Hazm, may God have mercy on him from other species.

A specific name, macularius, derives from the Latin word which means the spot "spot" or "defect" in reference to signs made of natural animal.Associated with Ibn Hazm Allah's mercy to the son of Allah's mercy tiger packages including different tail Gecko African fat. There are five strains, including the nominal species: Eublepharis macularius macularius,E. Meters. fasciolatus (Gunter 1864),E. Meters. Mountain (Borner 1976),and E m. smithi (Borner 1981) The original home of the leopard gecko is a rocky, dry grassland and desert areas of South Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and northwest India, parts of Iran. Temperatures in the winter in these areas can be very low, less than 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit), forcing the animals under the ground in semi-hibernation, called brumation, who live on reserves of fat. Creatures of the night, spend the day hidden under rocks or in burrows to escape the heat during the day and appear at dusk to feed on insects through fishing.Ibn Hazm, may God have mercy on him these are solitary, and usually do not live with other animals.Ibn Hazm, this may God have mercy on him, are insects that feed on insects such as larvaes mealworms, and other insects.

In captivity, most individuals prefer to catch food for themselves. The vast majority of Ibn Hazm, may God have mercy on him captive Leopard also refused to eat dead prey. Cockroaches are the most common source of food to give them because they can be caught in the enclosure for the way they would in their natural environment. When food is scarce in the desert, they can depend on its ability to store excess fat in their tails. Calcium and vitamin D3 adequate is also very important to their diet: How do they get in the wild is still unknown, although they probably this variety of prey (mites, spiders and other insects). In captivity, it is near impossible to completely repeat the diet will have in the wild, so is providing most nutritious insects are known, usually dust with calcium powder with vitamin D3 added fine. Also, the keen sense of smell and sight to allow them to search for food in the wilderness, and they will chase their prey, just like the real Tiger will, when hit, then they are satisfied is a prey to eat.


  Scientific classification
Kingdom:     Animalia
Phylum:     Chordata
Class:     Reptilia
Order:     Squamata
Suborder:     Lacertilia
Family:     Gekkonidae
Subfamily:     Eublepharinae
Genus:     Eublepharis
Species:     E. macularius

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