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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Beauty Of Animal | Condor-Andean | The Andean Condor (Vultur gryphus) is a type of bird in South America in the New World vulture family Cathartidae the only member of the genus Vultur. Found in the Andes and the Pacific adjacent to the west coast of South America, has the largest wingspan (in 3.2 meters or 10.5 feet) from any wild birds.A large black eagle with feathers of white Rove around the base of the neck, especially in patches of the male, large white on the wings.

Head and neck are featherless, almost pale red color, which may flush, and thus change color in response to the emotional state bird. In males, and there are wattle on the neck and a large dark red caruncle or comb on the crown of the head. Unlike most birds of prey, and males larger than females.The Condor is primarily a scavenger, feeding on carrion. It prefers large carcasses, such as deer or cattle. To reach sexual maturity in five or six years of age, and nests at altitudes up to 5000 meters (16000 feet), generally on the rock ledges are difficult to access.

Usually eggs are laid one or two. It is one of the longest living birds in the world, with the age of up to 100 years in captivity.The Andean Condor is the national symbol in Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and plays an important role in folklore and mythology of the Andean regions. Andean Condor is considered near threatened by the Union. Threatened by habitat loss and secondary poisoning of the bodies of those killed by hunters. Has developed education programs in captivity in many countries.


Scientific classification
Kingdom:     Animalia
Phylum:     Chordata
Class:     Aves
Order:     Incertae sedis (disputed) (possibly
Falconiformes, Ciconiiformes, or
Family:     Cathartidae
Genus:     Vultur
Linnaeus, 1758
Species:     V. gryphus

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