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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shortfin Mako Shark

Beauty Of Animal | Shortfin Mako Shark | The shortfin mako shark, Isurus oxyrinchus ("sharp nose") is a large mackerel shark. Together with the closely related Longfin mako (Isurus paucus) is often referred to as a "mako shark." The shortfin mako shark is a slender shaft formed shark with a long conical snout. This shark has short pectoral fins and a crescent shaped caudal fin. There is a clear tail keel on the caudal base. The second dorsal fin is much smaller than the first. The teeth are slender and slightly curved, without lateral cusps, and are visible even when mouth is closed. There is a clear counter shading on this shark: dorsally it is a metallic indigo blue while ventrally it is white.
Scientific classification
Kingdom:     Animalia
Class:     Chondrichthyes
Order:     Lamniformes
Family:     Lamnidae
Genus:     Isurus
Species:     I. oxyrinchus
Binomial name
Isurus oxyrinchus

The Shortfin Mako Shark can grow to a length of 3.9 meters (13 feet). There is still some uncertainty over the lifespan, but it's probably between the ages of 11-23 years to achieve. As one of the fastest sharks in the ocean, this powerful burst swimming sharks reach speeds of 35 km / h (22 mph) and can jump out of the water to a height of 6 meters (20 feet). These qualities have this kind of a popular sport fish in some parts of the range.
Distinguishing features Shortfin Mako Shark

    Teeth are visible even when mouth is closed
    Teeth are long and slender, smooth-edged cusps
    Several counter shading dorsal blue and white ventrally
    Relatively short pectoral fins
    Bottom of the muzzle is white
    Lunate tail and caudal keel

Diet Shortfin Mako Shark
The Shortfin Mako Shark feeds mainly on bony fishes including mackerels, tunas, bonitos and swordfish, but may also eat other sharks, porpoises and sea turtles.
Display Shortfin Mako Shark
Female Shortfin Mako Shark are usually sexually mature at a length of 3 meters. Developing embryos feed on unfertilized eggs in the uterus during the gestation of 15-18 months. The 4-18 surviving young are born alive in late winter and early spring at a length of about 70 cm, but have no placental connection during development (ovoviviparity). It is believed that women could relax for 18 months after birth for the next lot of eggs are fertilized.

Habitat Shortfin Mako Shark
Shortfin Mako Shark
live in tropical and temperate waters coast. They are a pelagic species occurring from surface to a depth of 150 meters (490 feet). This shark is seldom found in waters colder than 16 degrees Celsius.

Series Shortfin Mako Shark
The Shortfin Mako Shark is found worldwide. In the western Atlantic Ocean can be found from Argentina and the Gulf of Mexico to Browns Bank off Nova Scotia. In Canadian waters, these sharks are not in abundance as they prefer warm water, but neither are they rare. Shortfin Makos are often found in the same waters as swordfish as they are a source of both food and fish prefer similar environmental conditions.

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