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Monday, July 11, 2011

Redhead Fairy Wrasse

Beauty Of Animal | Redhead Fairy Wrasse  | Once a rare sensation, this species has become relatively common in reef aquariums in recent years. The colors of this species are highly variable. The large males are brilliantly hued, sometimes appearing with a rich-orange body and scarlet face and head. Females and small males, with duller coloration, are most common in the aquarium trade but will readily acclimate to captivity and will develop brilliant colors with proper care and feeding.

This species was once considered to be a color variant of C. cyanopleura, the Bluehead Fairy Wrasse. Cirrhilabrus solorensis males generally, but not always, have a dark red head, a purple crescent-shaped mark along the edge of the gill cover and onto the throat, greenish flanks, and a white belly. Small females are red with a small, black spot on upper caudal peduncle and a white ventrum and larger females have a reddish head, yellowish orange back, and purplish or blue ventrum. It is thought that C. cyanopleura and this species may hybridize with odd or unusual color variants resulting.
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