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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Amur Leopard

Beauty Of Animal | Amur Leopard | Amur Leopard - Panthera pardus orientalis In a survey conducted by biologists from the New York American Museum of Natural History, and 70% of those surveyed said that the biologists that 20% of the total population living animal may become extinct by the year 2028. Science has identified only about 2 million species, but it is estimated that this is only a small fraction of the number that has not been discovered, or that it has already gone extinct. Over the past 400 years, passed the 89 species of extinct mammals, and others were threatened with extinction 169.
While the fossil record indicates that the loss of biodiversity due to extinction is a phenomenon that can be recovered from it, it was time for recovery in the past on the order of millions of years. If we humans do not take action to preserve the biodiversity of our planet, we may be those that are at risk of extinction if the future. Here are 10 of the endangered species in the world - and there are many endangered species that are more or endangered with becoming, but it is most vulnerable to extreme threat of extinction

Amur leopards are one of the most endangered species on the planet and the most endangered big cat. There appears to be poaching of leopards as well as their prey species. Poachers include both poor local villagers and newly rich Russians, mainly from the city of Vladivostok, as well as Chinese nationals who illegally cross the border into Russia. Russian hunters kill many more deer than is officially allowed and Amur leopards are sometimes caught in snares as well. Since 2002, skins or corpses of nine Amur leopards killed by poachers have been found in Russia and at least two leopards have been killed in China.
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