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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sea Waps (Box Jellyfish)

Beauty Of Animal | Sea Waps (Box Jellyfish) | Sea wasp or Box Jellyfish or Box Fish is the most poisonous sea creature than stone fish, sharks or sea snakes. Even it is a beautiful jelly, it has killed more people than other marine. Sea wasps are usually found in shallow waters. If you see sea waps at the sea, you are not allowed to do any water activites. They live in coastal waters from northern Australia and New Guinea north to the Philippines and Vietnam.
The sea wasp has a large transparent bell or cube like body and is divided into segments. They have a transparent body with a pale blue color. It has stinging tentacles. Each tentacle on a box jellyfish can have up to 5000 of these nematocysts. The box jellyfish uses these tentacles to catch its prey, example small fish and crustaceans. Box jellyfish is, unlike many other jellyfish, equipped with four eyes. Eyes are connected to a nerve ring and the creature can take evasive action or move towards its prey. Two of the eyes in the set detect only light. It has no brain, no heart and no blood.

Sea wasps feed on small crustaceans and small fish. These animals have strategy to catch their prey. They will wait for the prey to bump into their tentacles. Then, they will killed then by stinging them with their stong poison in tentacles. But, sea turtles are not affected by their sting. Sea turtle are their predator.  In most cases, the sting of the sea waps does not cause death, but it always has the potential to do so. In fact, the jellyfish, even the most venomous, releases such a small amount of venom that it rarely causes death. However, each sting can be extremely painful and requires immediate medical attention. In the cases of the worst stings, anti-venom may be applied. You can do first aid when you stinged by sea waps. First, washing the sting area with vinegar, and in no circumstance should alcohol, alcohol-based lotions, or methylated spirits be applied. Then, CPR may be required. Last, medical help should be sought as soon as possible after considering these needs.

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