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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Beauty Of The Black Bears

Beauty Of Animlas | The Beauty Of The Black Bears | American Black Bears are the smallest of North American Bears and are less aggressive than other bears. They are actually large mammals with powerful limbs, small ears and black fur. The animal has a relatively small head though the body is rather big. Thus adult females typically weigh 100-200 lbs and adult males weigh 150-400 lbs.

The color of the American Black Bear can vary. Its muzzle or snout is light brown or tan in color and some bears may have a small, white chest blaze. There are five toes, each with a well-developed claw; they are on both the front and hind feet. The teeth of the animal are well adapted for feeding on plants and animals too.

 Black Bears - Size

Height to shoulder: 3 ft.
Length: 4-6 ft.
Weight: 100-300 lb. Males are usually much bigger than females.
Black Bears - Breeding

Sexual maturity: Males about 5-6 years old; females about 4-5 years of age.
Mating season: From June to mid-July.
Gestation period: About 220 days.
Cubs: Usually 2 or 3, but there may be as much as 5 cubs.
Black Bears - Pictures
Courtesy of
Alaska Bear Pictures
Black Bears - Lifestyle

Habit: These are solitary animals.
Diet: All types of vegetation and plant material, fish small mammals, and carrion.
Call: Woof sounds when startled.
Lifespan: About 25 years in the wild.
Related Species: There are 7 species grouped in 5 genera, in habitats ranging from polar regions to tropical forest.

Black Bears - Habitat

American Black Bears live primarily in woodlands and most of their time they spend looking for food. The territory of the males reaches 200 square miles and the female's territory is smaller - one to 35 miles. Usually the male's territory overlaps with the territories of several other males while females do not share their territories.

Black Bears - Types of the Bears

There are eight species of Bears: the Brown, Asiatic black, American Black Bear, Polar, Sloth, Sun, Spectacled and the Giant Panda. American Black Bears occupy a wide range of habitats and their diet varies according to the season and where they live.

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