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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Beauty Of Animal | Lemur | Lemurs are primates native to the island of Madagascar, a large island of the south east coast of Africa. There are about 10 different species of lemurs inhabit the island where lemurs spend most of their time in trees. Lemurs are famous for their large, round eyes and reflective howling screams. Lemur also has a furry, pointy ears and a long tail, with lemurs are often compared to both monkeys and squirrels. 
The lemurs will eat most things smaller than fruits, nuts and leaves for insects and spiders and therefore lemurs that have omnivorous diet. Lemur get most of their food from the trees around it, but sometimes it will lemurs feed for grub on the forest floor if they were unlucky in the branches. Black and white Ruffed Lemur, reddish mouse lemur, woolly lemurs, aye aye and ring tailed lemur is one of the most common species of lemur found in Madagascar.
although the Aye Aye lemur species considered to be very different from the others, especially since the middle finger length aye aye uses to get food out of the hole. There are four main types of lemurs contains nearly 100 different subspecies of lemur among them. The biggest threat to lemurs is deforestation, with about 90% of Madagascar's forests have been destroyed. This means that the population is declining rapidly due lemur lemurs have fewer trees to make log homes
The Madagascar's top predator, the fossa, is also a major threat to lemurs, such as lemurs are one of the favorite foods a fossa. Lemurs have fast reactions and very agile allowing fossa to try to escape, but the fossa is a fast animal very stubborn and lightening, so lemurs generally make dinner. The species most commonly known is the ring tailed lemur lemur. with a very distinctive lemurs with markings of black and white rings on the tail lemur. Ring tailed lemurs have gray feathers and white ear tufts.
Lemur small-medium sized adult primates with lemurs grew up about 70 cm (plus their long tails that are often nearly all the lemur's body). Lemur also has sharp claws on their feet that allow the lemurs to hold the branches of a tree, very useful when the lemurs are trying to escape from the hungry fossa. 
Lemurs are one of the few animals that live in matriarchal society, meaning that female lemurs have more control over the group than male lemurs. Lemur groups, however, behave in a manner very similar to that of other primates as they feed and another man, and sleep close to each other. It is not known why the lemur exhibit a rare form of social structure.

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