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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Biggest of Ngegat From Himalaya

Beauty Of Animal | Biggest of Ngegat Himalaya | Ngegat Arunachal Pradesh is the largest in the world, known as Attacus or Atlas was found perched on a Himalayan region. The moth is an insect closely related to the butterfly. Giant moth was discovered by a photographer named Sandesh Kadur, while he was driving on winding roads in the eastern Himalayas. by Kadur ngegat seemed to strike him with open wings and take a defensive position. Despite its enormous size, but the moth is harmless. Reported by the Daily Mail, Sunday (03/04/2012) is called the Atlas moth wing patterns such as complex color on the map. According to experts, frightening pattern on the wings to scare predators, so it has a color similar to animals such as wasps and frogs.

Moth survival of fat that is produced when a caterpillar and only live for a maximum of two weeks. To get a wing span as it is today, caterpillar ate continuously for six weeks. The wings are very large, making the moth can not travel far because they do not fly stable. So the only goal in life is to breed. Atlas moth is usually found in tropical and subtropical forests of Southeast Asia and the Malay archipelago generally. Moths look amazing, makes the Chinese dubbed as 'moth-headed snake', because a large wing tip looks like a reptile

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