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Sunday, September 2, 2012


Beauty Of Animal | Fossa | Fossa is a medium-sized carnivores are found exclusively on the island of Madagascar. Fossa belongs to which group of Malagasy carnivores are thought to have descended from Mongoose-like ancestors arrived in Madagascar from Africa and 24 million years ago. Fossa is not only one of the most ancient of the eight species found on the island but also the largest, meaning Fossa It is the largest mammalian predator of Madagascar. However, due to the appearance of a cat from Fossa primitive species that was believed cats to date. Unfortunately as the number of unique animal species found in Madagascar at this time though, Fossa are very rare and are now considered endangered in their natural habitat was mainly due to habitat loss.
Fossa Anatomy and Appearance

Fossa is the largest land predator on the island of Madagascar Individuals with some grow to nearly two feet in length from snout to the tip of their tails were long and slender. Fossa has a brief but solid red to dark brown fur and a head like a little cat and a dog-like snout, with eyes facing forward large and small, rounded ears. Although related to the weasel, Fossa has a very number of features including arched cat, retractable claws and webbed feet a little help ambos The Fossa When moving around between branches.
Fossa Distribution and Habitat

Like the majority of animal and plant species that are found on the island of Madagascar, the fossa are found nowhere else on Earth. Growing human settlements has greatly influenced Also Madagascar Population Fossa Often As They hunted by farmers who fear for their livestock. Behavior and Lifestyle Trench, Trench are solitary and nocturnal mammals that patrol the four major areas of square kilometers and mark their presence with the scent released from the anal glands of them. Reproduction and Life Cycle Fossa, ike many solitary carnivores, puddles only come together to mate During the breeding season in September and October.
Fossa Diet and Prey

Fossa is the largest mammalian carnivore in Madagascar and is therefore only survive by eating other animals in the surrounding forest. Fossa has evolved perfect for hunting and consumption of Lemurs and in fact, more than half of Fossa diet consists of Them. Fossa Predators and Threats, Humans pose the greatest threat to the Fossa They not only fear they hunted in their livestock, but has been completely destroyed Also 90% of the very large range of natural Fossa.
Fossa Interesting Facts and Features

Fossa tend to measure about a meter long tail of the same length, but on top of that, in recent years fossil Giant Fossa now extinct has been discovered in the forests of Madagascar, the largest fossil Fossa Giant Measured Nearly six feet long and estimated to weigh approximately 17 kg! Fossa can run incredibly fast, and added to that remarkable agility in the tree tops, so eating has been seen Fossa is very adept at capturing later.
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