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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dama Wallaby

Beauty Of Animal | Dama Wallaby | Dama Wallaby, There are many different kinds of kangaroos, but the Dama wallaby are just a little different than the rest, you are mostly nocturnal animals in the wild, but they do fill up food and sun during the day. They have small front feet with five digits with sharp claws. Their hind legs are very powerful and very much larger. Their hind legs have four toes with the end of those much smaller than the mean. The smaller toes have double claws that they use, like a comb. 
They have long tails for balance when they swell and as the third leg when sitting. The head-body length is about 26 cm, with a tail about 15 to 17 centimeters long. They sit about 18 inches tall and weigh 9-22 pounds. You are looking mostly dark brown or gray, rough with short fur. The males are usually larger than females because they are a little faster when allowed to grow mature.
Dama wallabies a warning thump with their hind legs when they feel that they are in danger. Because they are usually active at night free in the wild they are able to survive better. Their size is another factor for their survival because they are small, they can hide in vegetation of high
Predators. Dama wallabies are also known to be kept as pets because they are small and relatively easy to maintain. They can live up to 28 years in prison and up to 18 in the wild. An unusual feature of the Dama wallaby is that it usually sits on the tail. Instead of the tail drag behind like most animals, the Dama wallaby sitting on the tail and it just before.
The former Wallabies breeding season is from January to June or August. The males are sexually mature at two years, and females are sexually mature at nine months. The gestation period for former Wallabies is 28 days. The newborn Joey climbs into the pouch and feeds its own until it is ready to look out into the world. The Joey's typically not from its peak to reach their mothers pouch until they are about 150 days old. When I visited the Dama Wallaby at the zoo, there were three in the exhibition. Two rested and ate. They seemed like very quiet pets, but do not interact very much with each other.

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