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Monday, January 2, 2012

Asian Lion

Beauty Of Animal | Asian Lion | The Asian Lion (Panthera leo persica), also known as Indian Lion, lion and Eurasian Persian Lion is a subspecies of lion known. The only place in the wilderness, where the lion is found in the Gir Forest of India, Gujarat. In 2010, the government reported from Gujarat, the 411 Asian Lion were sighted in the Gir forest, up from 52 in the last census 2005th The Asian Lion found one of the five big cats in India, the others are the Bengal tiger, the Indian leopard, clouded leopard and snow leopard. The Asian lion once ranged from the Mediterranean to the north-eastern parts of the Indian subcontinent, but excessive hunting, water pollution and loss of natural prey reduced their habitat. 
 Bengal, Arabian and Persian lions - In the past, Asian lions were classified into three types. Asian Lion are smaller and lighter than their African counterparts, but are equally aggressive. The historical range of the Asiatic lion subspecies persica is probably from northern India in the East with modern Iran, extending south into the periphery of the Arabian Peninsula and west to modern Greece and Italy.
Modern habitat of the Asian Lion is largely confined to the Gir Forest Sanctuary in Northwestern India. Asian Lion are very social animals and live in units called pride. Asian Lion prey primarily on deer (sambar & chital), antelope (nilgai), Gazelle (Chinkara), wild boar, water buffalo and cattle. Until about 150 to 200 years, the Bengal tiger, together with the Indian leopard, shared by most of their habitat, where the Asian lion in much of western and central India along with the Asiatic cheetah, has now been eradicated from India found . At one time, could the Bengal Tiger and Asiatic lions have competed with each other over food and territory.
 The destruction of habitats through the cattle and the firewood needs of the population reduced the natural prey base and endangers the lions. The lions are in turn constrained by the lack of natural prey, to kill, to cattle, and in turn, are organized by people. Many Maldharis outside the park have moved through the forest, so that the lion's natural environment and more natural prey.

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