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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Water Scorpion

Beauty Of Animal | Water Scorpion | Water scorpion (Nepa gray). any of the species, nearly 150 of aquatic invertebrates from Nepidae family (order Hemiptera). Scorpion water scorpion-like land in certain ways: the front legs scythelike adapted to seize prey and, thin long, whiplike structure at the end of the background. Make this a "tail", consisting of two breathing tubes attached, has been extended above the water surface, allowing the animal to take in the air.

Water scorpion bite painful, but it is far less harmful to humans from the bite of scorpions are the real scorpion.Water dark brown color and measure about 25-52 mm (1-2 inches) in length. Different species vary somewhat in shape. Those of the genus Nipa, for example, has a slightly elongated, oval-shaped body, while that of other races tend to be longer and more cylindrical. Water scorpions are able to swim by moving their legs up and down the front and kicked the middle and rear pairs.

Also used the latter two sets of legs to crawl.Found in all parts of the world, and water scorpions live primarily along the lower edges of the muddy trenches and ponds, where hiding among the dead leaves flooded with water, and other remains of plants to ambush their prey. Rarely move in open water because they are poor swimmers. Adults lay their eggs in crevices of debris and aquatic plants on the legs.

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