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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Green Woodpecker

Beauty Of Animal | Green Woodpecker | Green Woodpecker (Picus municipal) is a member of the woodpecker family Picidae. There are four strains, and it occurs in most parts of Europe and western Asia. All Green upperparts, paler yellowish bottom, a red crown and stripe moustachial with center red in males, but all black in females.Green Woodpecker and spends much of his time in the feeding ants on the ground, and often do not 'drum' on the other species of trees such as woodpeckers.

A shy bird, but usually draws attention with its calls for a high. Is to dig the nest hole in a tree, and is put 4-6 eggs which hatch after 19-20 days.The Green Woodpecker measures 30-36 cm in length with a wingspan 45-51 cm. Both sexes are yellowish-green above and pale below, with the yellow rump and red crown and nape; moustachial tape with the status of the red in males, but a solid black in females. Loris and around the eye white and black in both males and females, except in a race against P.

Iberian subsp. sharpei, which is dark gray and males have only a lower limit to the black mustache. Events and spotty and streaked all over;a dark mustache in the beginning, in spite of male juveniles can show some red feathers by June or early usually July or August


 Scientific classification
Kingdom:     Animalia
Phylum:     Chordata
Class:     Aves
Order:     Piciformes
Family:     Picidae
Genus:     Picus
Species:     P. viridis

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