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Friday, October 14, 2011


Beauty Of Animal | Buzzard | The common falcon (Buteo buteo) is a means to a large bird of prey, which covers a majority of European countries, and extends to Asia. Normally a resident of each year, except in the coldest parts of its range, in the case of Falcon and one common subspecies.The usually between 51 and 57 cm in length with a 110-150 cm (1 meter to meter and a half) wingspan, making it a medium-sized Raptor.

This Raptor broad wings have a wide variety of feathers, and Europe and can be confused with the Falcon Rough-legged similar (Buteo lagopus) and the difference is only related to honey Falcon (Pernis apivorus), which mimics the common Falcon feathers for the degree of protection from Goshawks North. Can vary in feathers from Britain almost pure white to black, but are usually shades of brown, with the 'necklace' the religion of Falcon feathers.The strains common in woodlands, usually on the fringes, but prefer fishing on open land. It eats mainly small mammals, and will come to carrion. And a great opportunist, it adapts well to a varied diet of pheasant, rabbit, and other small mammals, medium mammals, snakes, lizards, and often can be seen walking over recently plowed fields looking for worms and insects. Birds have incredible strength, and are therefore able to pick up food for all weights.

Buzzards are not usually flocks, but can be seen together in several immigration or in the good habitat. Noted writer in Victorian Dartmoor, William Crossing, he was seen on occasions flocks of 15 or more in some places. Though rare, can monitor up to 20 kites in the area of ​​one field, about 30 meters, so it can not be classed as a herd in the general sense, and consists of a bird without a mate or territory. They are fiercely territorial, and although rare, do not fight out if one strays on the territory of another pair, but displays the dominant aggression will usually see off the intruder. Pairs mate for life. To attract a mate (or to persuade his colleague in the list) of the male performance of an air show ritual before the start of spring. And know this great offer as the "roller coaster. He will rise high in the sky, to turn and fall to the bottom, in the spiral, twisting and turning as it comes down. And then immediately lift upward to repeat the process.

 Scientific classification
Kingdom:     Animalia
Phylum:     Chordata
Class:     Aves
Order:     Accipitriformes
Family:     Accipitridae
Genus:     Buteo
Species:     B. buteo

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