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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Beauty Of Animal | Bonobo | He bonobo and the general paniscus, called earlier in the chimpanzee dwarf, less often, or chimpanzees dwarf gracilis, is the monkey chief one of these two types make up the genus Pan. Other species in the Pan troglodytes is the genus Pan, or common chimpanzees. Although the name "chimpanzee" is sometimes used to refer to both types together, usually understood to refer to common chimpanzees, while usually referred as Pan paniscus bonobo.Age of the bonobo in captivity is about 40 years. life in the wild is not known.Bonobos are far less aggressive than chimpanzees and other apes.And endangered bonobo is found in the wild only in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Side by side with the common chimpanzee, and bonobo is the closest relative to humans exists. Because these two types is not mastered swimming, it is possible that the formation of the River Congo 1,5-2,000,000 years led to the speciation of the bonobo.

They live south of the river, and thus were separated from the common ancestors of chimpanzees, which live north of river.The autopsy attributed the German Ernst Schwarz with a bonobo was discovered in 1928, based on his analysis of the skull in the Tervuren Museum in Belgium, which was earlier believed to belong to a chimpanzee events. Schwarz published his findings in 1929. In 1933, the American College Harold anatomy provided a more detailed description of the bonobo, and elevated to the status of species.American Psychological and the great apes and Robert Yerkes was also one of the first scientists to notice the main differences between chimpanzees and bonobos. first discussed in detail in a study by Paul Edward Tratz and Heinz Heck, published in the early 1950s.And is characterized by this type of relatively long legs, and pink lips, and face the darkness and the lock of the tail during puberty, long hair fork upside down.

See the baboon that the matriarchal: females tend to dominate the collective male through the formation of alliances; females use their sexuality to control men, is determined his rank males in the hierarchy of social rank of his mother However, there are also claims a special role for the movement of the alpha male in the group. [Citation needed] and have also been limited research on bonobos in the wild indicate that it may be exaggerated these behaviors that matriarchal families, as well as providing food by researchers in the field This has recently been displayed to appeal, but Woods Vanessa University Duke Breton noted in a radio interview which had been observed bonobos in the sanctuary large forest in the Democratic Republic of Congo and show the same kind of excessive sexual desire in these circumstances more than normal, and while it recognizes the hierarchy among males, including the "alpha male", and this is the less dominant males from females dominating.

Scientific classification
Kingdom:     Animalia
Phylum:     Chordata
Class:     Mammalia
Order:     Primates
Family:     Hominidae
Genus:     Pan
Species:     P. paniscus

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