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Friday, August 12, 2011

Stone Fish

Beauty Of Animal | Stone Fish  | Stonefish stings in Australia can cause poisoning and death if not treated. The stone fish is the most venomous fish in the world. The Stone fish venom in its dorsal spines, when stepped on by a human, the venom is forced into the foot. Most bites occur Stone fish when walked on, it is less common for bites when the fish is collected. Its species have potent neurotoxins secreted by glands at the base of their spines needle-shaped dorsal fin that sticks up when disturbed or threatened. The common name of the species, stone, derives from being able to camouflage and become a mottled gray and similar to the color of a stone. 
This makes this saltwater fish relatively low very difficult to spot. Unfortunately for humans and other creatures, this camouflage can kill. Their poison from the 13 spines on its dorsal region that release the venom of two bags. This venom causes severe pain with shock, paralysis and tissue death depending on the depth of penetration. deadly spiders and snake bites a firm bandage should be applied as soon as possible. Immediately run the wound under warm water at least 43 degrees Celsius (109 
Fahrenheit). As you can imagine people are most often bitten when not on a Stone fish, so be sure to tread lightly and keep your eyes open if you're in the Pacific or Indian Ocean, particularly in the Great Barrier Reef. Stonefish is a very good job of not being seen. He camouflage that allows it to blend in with the rocks almost perfectly. It does not make sense when asked to stand up and not tell his neighbors, where is is going on vacation.

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