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Monday, July 11, 2011

Royal Gramma - Beautifully colored Fish

Beauty Of Animal | Royal Gramma - Beautifully colored FishThe Royal Gramma is a beautifully colored fish. The front half of the fish is a deep purple that fades into a bright yellow in the middle of the fish. It has a black line that streaks through the eye. This fish should not be confused with the Bi-color Pseudochromis, which has a similar color pattern.
The Royal Gramma is found in the Caribbean region of the Atlantic Ocean. It has been bred in captivity, but is also wild caught. It is a very hardy fish and very disease resistant. The Royal Gramma is from the Grammidae family. All fish from the Grammidae family are Basslets. However, the Bicolor Pseudochromis aka Royal Dottyback is from the Pseudochromidae family.
The Royal Gramma will get along well with other peaceful tank mates. When introduced it will find a cave in the rockwork to call home. From that point on it will defend it's home by opening it's mouth very wide in a threatening gesture to ward of intruders. They tend to be shy fish and will spend most of their time hidden, though there are exceptions depending on the personality of the fish. 
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