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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Checkered Giant

Beauty Of Animal | Checkered Giant | The Checkered Giant is a large rabbit with a very distinct coat pattern unique to the breed. The colour markings include a butterfly-shaped marking on the nose, a circle around each eye, a spot on each cheek, coloured ears, and a straight line down the spine and the top of the tail. Besides, each side of the body has two large colour spots. These colour markings can be either black or blue, the rest of the body must be white. The body is long and arched. It is fairly heavy although the legs appear long. The ears are long and upright. The coat is short and easy to take care of. Weekly grooming should be fine, with more attention given in shedding periods.

This breed is known to have an excitable disposition, and it is often referred to as a "biter". Because they can be temperamental, Checkered Giants are not generally recommended as pets for children, and they do better with more experienced handlers. Many Checkered Giants don't like it when you touch their ears. They also tend to startle easily. Nonetheless, it's important to remember that any rabbit's personality is 95% breeder and handler, and 5% genes, which means that if the animal is handled correctly from the very beginning, it will become a lovely, amiable pet.

The Checkered Giants are quite large, so they need bigger cages and more food than smaller breeds. Like many other rabbits, they don't tolerate extreme temperatures well. Sore or abscessed feet are common when the animal is housed only on wire with no solid surface to rest on. The exact origin of the breed is unknown. The Checkered Giant was first recognized as a breed in Germany, and the first Checkered Giants arrived in the United States in around 1910.
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